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Solutions & Strategies

]]> Document Creation Libraries Our libraries allow you to maintain a series of letters for collection and communications with your
client base that are accessed by a queue in your file.

]]> Online Pay Portal/ E-bill Accept payments online using a Payment Portal linked to your website . Clients can link to the portal
after arriving on your site, make a payment or view a statement if you wish. CPS also offers the ability
to push electronic notices to clients as well allowing you to suppress paper and reduce costs.

]]> Letter Archives Our Archive process allows for indexed PDF’s of your statements to transmit to your facility for use with customer service, or can be transmitted to your online payment portal for use with presentation during the payment process. CPS also holds PDF’s in a secure archive storage to meet your backup requirements for legal.

]]> Smart Communications/ Bills The option allows you to uniquely identify the consumer before mailing your bills. Your bill type can be
customized with messaging based on the account status or financial situation. The customer may be
better informed than just receiving a generic billing statement. This can save time money and allow for
better customer service.

Electronic Reports

This Solution provides information to you as a client. CPS will provide Status reports electronically
with each file processed depicting costs and totals mailed.

Additional reports allow you to understand total AR or past due.

]]> NCOA/ Address Cleansing This service is included with all accounts processed. An electronic file is returned to the client with
each mailing to include corrections or updates. CPS will update all mail prior to print production saving
you money and allowing for greater deliverability.


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