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AICPA Service Organization Control Reports (SOC)


A weak link in the Revenue Cycle can break the consumers experience with your organization. Itís the primary goal at CPS to solidify and strengthen your clientís experience and your organization.

CPS focuses on three major factors of successful statement processing and document creation.

1) Time and Turnarounds
CPS maintains some of the highest volume inserting equipment in the marketplace. Bowie turbo/22
allows for streamlined high capacity inserting and mailing daily. CPS processes and mails statements and documents logged on our system by 10:00 AM EST. the same day!
Industry bench marks prove that consumers respond to timely correspondence.

2) Formats and Layouts
Format and design layouts that allow for clear concise presentation of what is expected of the consumer allow for a successful financial communication with your client. CPSís flexibility with our design department allows for unlimited opportunities. Our strategies have reduced customer service call volume by up to 30%. Let CPS review your current project and help improve your image.

3) Revenue Strategies
Enhancing your revenue cycle with online payment opportunities, color advancement, Pre-Collect options and Payment plans are just a few of our proven approaches to restoring a greater percentage of your revenue. Helping you understand choices that improve your billing performance is our goal and create a strong lasting relationship.

CPS Ė Creating Solutions that connect businesses and consumers!