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AICPA Service Organization Control Reports (SOC) SSAE 18 type 2 Compliant

501(r) Collection Policy and Extreme Collection Actions (ECA)

Monday, December 14th 2015 12:45 pm
We've built strong relationships with clients, as well as, related highly-accredited associations. These client and association relationships continue making CPSstatements.com a leader in the statement producing industry. CPS has an understanding of how crucial it is to stay current in a world with ever changing regulations and technology. We strive to pass along new industry information, keeping our clients "in the know". The 501(r) Collection Policy may be just be a collection policy for Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities for now, however; just as we've seen time and time again we anticipate that it won't be long until this policy migrates its way to a requirement for everyone associated with the medical industry. We at CPSstatements.com are ready to do our part to help you implement your Plain Language Summary into the correct billing cycle in order to keep you compliant with 501 (r) Collection Policy and Extreme Collection Actions (ECA).

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