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Online Pay Portals

Monday, June 10th 2013 7:53 am
At CPSstatements.com we have seen increased interest in On-Line Pay Portals. At CPS we have monitored the growth of the on-line pay portal providers and researched potential partners to bring to our client base. We have formed relationships with a select group of providers and invite any of our clients to discuss the many different levels of the on-line pay portals and listen at a no cost demonstration of our solutions to determine if a portal could have a positive influence on your Accounts Receivables and cash flow. We have a module based platform that will allow you to start with a basic "Pay Now" feature and allows you the ability to upgrade to a full service platform. "Pay Now"-The basic form is an on-line pay portal that will allow your consumer to log into the Portal and make a payment by inputting an account number and payment information. Our statement will have the web address and invitation to log in and pay. Our partner will build the home page branded with your logos and colors to appear to the consumer when logging into your site "Total Solution"- Introduces the following enhancements: * Statement Presentment- This will allow the consumer to view their statement exactly as it would appear through the mail. This will apply to your customer service reps - allowing them to view the same inform the consumer is looking at when handling a phone call. * Statement Suppression- The consumer has the ability to enroll and receive their statements via email and suppress the mail - saving on postage. * Pull vs Push Flexibly - Pull is an invitation for the consumer to log in and view/pay their current statement online. Push is emailing the actual statement to the consumer-resulting in increase usage In addition, our partners bring the experience and expertise-meeting HIPPA and personal information protection, data security, daily account and payment reporting as well as the legal requirements for opt-out, email encryption and paper re-installments. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions, advice, options or to set up free no-obligation demonstration.

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