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Revenue Cycle Simplified

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 9:06 am
Clients have shared ideas for years on how to best procure Patient Friendly Billing without losing the financial advantages of proper aging within the Revenue Cycle. Patient Friendly Billing at its beginning was to include clear concise statement layouts with limited detail. These basics were considered best practice. The limited detail allowed for the clients easy understanding and protected patient privacy as well. Enhancements to include messaging that welcomed the patient, and thanked them for using your facility as well as notification that the visit was submitted to insurance creates Patient Satisfaction. Our standard designs and industry knowledge allow any organization to easily transition to our simplified platform. We don’t have startup fees or complicated software’s to achieve these goals. Prior to the recession Hospitals and Physicians groups were solidified in their efforts to enhance Patient Satisfaction. Post the recession the focus has been on the Revenue Cycle. Blending the two objectives in a straight forward approach has been our goal at CPSstatements.com . Contact Client Relations/Sales @ 1-800-454-7411 for assistance.

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