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AICPA Service Organization Control Reports (SOC) SSAE 18 type 2 Compliant

Revenue Cycle Solutions

CPS is the smart choice when it comes to handling Revenue Cycle Strategies that your operation can experience immediate results.

Smart Communications

Our Smart Communications allow you to uniquely identify the consumer before processing. CPS then mails a specific communication based on their account status and financial situation, saving time, money and frustration. Knowing and understanding the consumer before a communication is sent allows you to be Smart with each financial interaction.

Smart Online Services

Smart Online Services are an internet suite of products that allow the consumer to view bills, make payments, and manage accounts in the most convenient manner. Customer satisfaction is based on ease of use and simplicity. This is one of CPS's greener approaches as raw materials are saved in the reduction of paper communications.

Smart Search

The Smart Search gives you the power to seek and identify your consumer, allowing your A/R system to assign the proper communication and map the best path of collection. This suite of address and payment solutions provides accurate information to reach the consumer, improve revenue, and reduce bad debt.

Smart Reports

CPS's Smart Reports is a proprietary solution that provides information to help you make decisions for your company. The reports have the versatility to be used in both accounting procedures as well as determine customer trends. They can be electronically delivered daily, weekly, or monthly and can be customized to your needs.

What if I need Help?

Call our customer service dept. We'll be happy to assist you with any question you have, as education, understanding of the process, and function are our main focus! Your success is our greatest accomplishment.

Streamline + Simplification = Success

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